The ASHRAE audit or “walk-through audit” is the starting point for any building energy optimization. It consists of an initial review of your property’s utility bills and a brief site visit of the building/s, the internal systems, lighting and modes of operation.  At IES our goal is to provide business transformation, impacting energy reduction efforts at a higher level for you.

Lighting upgrades can make a significant impact to your annual utility expenses while providing a brighter, cleaner working environment.  Virtually every institutional, multi-residential and commercial space can benefit in a big way from a sound retrofit strategy.  IES will evaluate current light levels, your physical layout, obstacles and any other contributing factors related to your business operations.

The IES team will work with you to create a measurable benchmark with customized solutions that will reduce your overhead & maintenance costs, improve occupant comfort, increase productivity, reduce environmental impact while helping you take advantage of rebate incentives available through our program partners.

We take time to educate you about the options with each technology recommendation and will help you determine what makes the most sense for your location.  With the right roadmap in place you can experience a reduction in annual energy consumption and feel confident with your decision!