Professional energy audits assess your energy use through full examination of each space in your home or business. A member of the IES team will meet with you to review your initial concerns, analyze past utility bills to better understand current energy consumption and complete full diagnostic tests to determine overall performance. We utilize blower door, duct blower tests and infrared cameras to determine areas of air loss, excess moisture and under or over insulated areas that exist. A thorough visual examination also assists to identify hidden areas of energy loss or extreme use do to underperforming equipment, lighting, gaps/cracks, lack of insulation or proper sealing.

A building envelop expert from IES will evaluate results and develop a list of cost effective solutions for problem areas found during an audit. Let us help you pinpoint these areas and eliminate additional expenses you may incur trying to cure monthly energy bill pains. The IES team is ready to help you enhance your current environment, reduce costly utility bills and capitalize on the benefit of savings through an energy upgrade in your home or business. We invite you to call us today to schedule an appointment.




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